Grohe Faucets

Luxury Bathroom Faucets
Grohe Bathroom FaucetPerhaps the most important element in every bathroom is the one that receives the most attention. GROHE has invested much of its innovative talent in designing the perfect bathroom faucets. From tub to sink, GROHE carries every style from traditional to modern in a variety of finishes. Its large selection, beautiful design, and state-of-the-art technology have made GROHE fixtures market leader in Europe and principal exporter of bathroom faucets in the world, shipping to over 180 countries.

Over its seven decades of research and development, GROHE has managed to create a collection with international renown for technical distinction and longevity which is guaranteed by a lifetime warranty for every product. In order to continually produce innovative designs, GROHE has completed an entire line of luxury bathroom faucets together with the F.A. Porsche Design Studio – the GROHE F1™. This is just one example of GROHE excellence. Its latest collection features GROHE Allure, Essence®, Kensington®, Somerset™, Bridgeford™, Tenso®, Chiara® Neu, Europlus® II, Eurodisc® II, Atrio®, Classic Line, Seabury™, Talia®, and Geneva™. This large collection includes GROHE technology for perfect water flow and temperature and a number of well-crafted finishes. GROHE thus combines graceful design with technical expertise even in its fittings.

Bringing Design, Long-Term Reliability and Professional Performance to Your Kitchen
Grohe Kitchen Faucet
We realize that your kitchen faucet is the hardest-working piece of equipment in your kitchen. A professional grade faucet is the key to successful kitchen planning or kitchen renovation. It is a small thing that makes a big difference. Our kitchen fixtures combine design and quality with superior technology to allow you to concentrate on the most important thing in your kitchen — the food!

We produce GROHE RealSteel® kitchen faucets from solid, Grade 304 stainless steel. This is the material of choice for commercial kitchens worldwide. GROHE RealSteel® is “designer friendly”, and its brushed shimmer is ideal for any decor and matches other stainless steel appliances as well.

Deep, lustrous GROHE StarLight® chrome finish keeps your kitchen faucets looking pristine long after others have dulled and tarnished, while our InfinityFinish brushed nickel adds a touch of elegance and extended durability. For a traditional look, we also created the GROHE oil rubbed bronze finish.

Special features of GROHE kitchen faucets:

  • pull-out dual-spray heads to simplify cleaning and food preparation
  • high-reach spouts to make filling and cleaning large pots easier
  • GROHE SilkMove® ceramic cartridge technology to create a wide operating angle, or “comfort zone,” which means that precise temperature adjustment from hot to warm to cold is an effortless, gradual, and safe process requiring only one finger (even with wet hands)

Whatever your requirements, we have a faucet for every cook in every kitchen.